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The fpg kit is tailored for users who want to combine the TwistDx amplification technology with an alternative TwistDx reporter probe system, fluorescent fpg TwistAmp® Probe, in a homogenous format.

portable fluorescent assay probe


  • Real-time probe detection 
  • Single-molecule detection
  • Twista® -compatible
  • 1 x box of 96 reactions

Product Code: TAFPG02KIT

Price: £240.00


These probes have fewer design constraints than exo TwistAmp® Probe, although kinetics of fluorescence accumulation may be slower. In addition to the basic components it contains a powerful nuclease (fpg) which will process fpg TwistAmp® Probe during the amplification reaction itself and generate a real-time read-out. The presence of fpg will not reduce the final overall yield of amplified material in contrast to the use of Exonuclease III in the TwistAmp® Exo kit allowing end point gel analysis, but the kinetics of probe cutting are sometimes slower than with the exo system. 

There are 96 reactions in each kit.

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