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The nfo kit is designed for users who want to detect the success of their DNA amplification reaction by means of end-point ‘sandwich-assays’, such as lateral-flow (LF) strips.

DNA Amplification end-point sandwich-assays - TwistAmp nfo


  • End-point detection
  • Single-molecule detection
  • Lateral flow dipstick compatible
  • 1 x box of 96 reactions


Product Code: TANFO02KIT

Price: £240.00

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Product Add-on

Besides the basic amplification reagents it includes a nuclease (nfo) which can generate new polymerase extension substrates within suitable LF TwistAmp® Probe  – the amplified material can then be used in instrument –free detection formats. The TwistAmp® nfo kit can also be used for fluorescence monitoring using fluorescent exo TwistAmp® Probe  as an alternative to the TwistAmp® exo kit as nfo will process these probes (often with slightly slower kinetics) and will permit product to be analysed by gels at endpoint in addition.

There are 96 reactions in each kit.


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