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TwistAmp Basic RT

The Basic RT kit contains all the enzymes and reagents necessary for the amplification of RNA – all that has to be supplied by the user are the primers, template and RNase Inhibitor. The Basic RT kit is recommended for those who want to use TwistDx’s RPA technology to reverse transcribe and amplify RNA targets.

• Combined reverse transcription & rapid cDNA amplification
• Single-molecule detection
• Ultra-Sensitive
• 1 x box of 96 reactions

Product Code: TABARTS01kit

Price: £290.00



For magnetic mixing using the Twirla, bearing balls may be added to reactions at any time before the reaction is initiated with Mg.

In addition to the basic RPA components these reactions contain a reverse transcriptase to convert RNA templates into DNA.

The amplification success will typically be assessed by an end-point method, such as gel electrophoresis. Amplified material can also be purified and used for down-stream applications (e.g. subcloning).

There are 96 reactions in each kit.

NB Due to current production methods, RPA reactions are not suitable for amplification of standard laboratory strains of E. coli. If you are interested in amplifying E. coli DNA, please contact

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